Clawfoot Bathtubs

Is that vintage bathtub looking dingy, stained, and  rusty? Let us restore its lustre and shine, making it look brand new for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

We restore antique Clawfoot bathtubs, pedestal sinks and other antique fixtures off site. Each bathtub is meticulously cleaned, etched and refinished to its original luster, inside and out. We will remove the claw feet, strip any rust or paint, in addition to repainted or other decorative finish. 

Step 1: The tub is meticulously cleaned.
Step 2: After the inside has been thoroughly cleaned, the tech will apply an acid etch that allows the surface to bond with the primer. Any chips and scratches are also filled so a smooth finish will result.
Step 3: The underside of the tub is then cleaned of all rust, paint and other contaminents.
Step 4: A rust inhibitor must be applied to the entire outside of the bathtub. Since the outside has never been enamalized, this is an important step for maintaining the integrity of the finish.
Step 5 The inside and outside are primed with a 2-part epoxy coating. This very important step maximizes the final topcoat to bond with the fixture.
Step 6: The last step is for the tech to apply the 2 part acrylic topcoat. The finish is applied with 3-4 coats, giving the fixture a durable, brilliant finish.

Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs and Tile

Want to restore the clean and fresh feeling  with your old bathroom and personal space, so you can be the the envy of your neighborhood?

Start with having your Bathtub Refinished - In less than four hours we can transform your old scratched, blue, green or even pink bathtub into a beautiful, shiny fixture. The process is very straight forward if done correctly, you should expect the finish to last between 10 - 15 years. We first start by masking off everything in your bathroom. The old caulking is then removed, and the bathtub cleaned with special cleaning agents. If there are any chips or scratches, they are filled in the process.Next we apply a bonding agent that allows the topcoat to adhere to the surface . Without this special bonding agent, it would be like painting on glass. The paint will not stick and if you have tried one of the do-it-yourself kits you probably found they fail soon after. The next step we apply the urethane topcoat. This topcoat gets sprayed on with a HVLP gun. After 3-4 coats, the result is a durable and a glossy finish as if the bathtub was brand new.Let the bathtub dry overnight, and you can use it the following morning. 

Kitchen Sinks and Counter Tops

Are your kitchen countertops looking bored? Are there unsightly marks in the formica? Do  they look old, dated and with permanent stains and cracks? Let us transform the busiest room in the house to look prettier, fresh and  brand new. Nothing welcomes family and friends like a shiny kitchen, sink and countertop.

You now have some inexpensive options. With our colorful range of "Flintstone" textures, we can transform kitchen or bathroom countertops in a few hours. 

Process:Ceramic Tile: First we will remove any caulking around the tile. Next, we fill in any voids in the grout and repair minor chips and cracks in the tile.The tile is then thoroughly cleaned and the surrounding walls masked. A wipe-on bonding agent is applied to the entire surface..And finally, the surface is sprayed with a two-part epoxy prime coat and a two-part acrylic urethane topcoat.The surface will dry in a few hours and can be used the next day.
Laminate : Since the laminate is more like fiberglass, there are a few differences in the preparation. Small cracks can be fixed the same visit. Larger cracks (4" or larger) may require an extra step to apply glass cloth and resin to the damaged area. The next step is to thoroughly sand the entire area. This part of the process eliminates the need to apply a bonding agent. The masking, priming and topcoat application is the same as for ceramic tile.

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